P r e g n a n c y



Maternity acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine for pregnancy, labour and postpartum support.

When I was first told that women don’t make their eggs, I didn’t think much of this. A seasoned acupuncture teacher who had survived the cultural revolution and worked as a barefoot doctor in urban China sat me down and helped me see just how miraculous and mysterious this is. Women are born with their eggs. Mothers give them to daughters. There is no egg factory in the way men have sperm factories. Those eggs are like a torch passed from mother to daughter ever since there have been human beings. That is deeply mysterious and awe inspiring.

It is a privilege to work with women, especially pregnant women.


I have three goals when I work with pregnant wo283427_10150266006402458_837627457_7609788_1151560_nmen:

To maximize good development of the pregnancy

To minimize risk factors capable of affecting the mother and unborn child

To diagnose and treat pathology


I teach every interested partner and support person Acupressure for Natural Delivery Pain Relief. I’ll eventually teach local classes. And it is easy to do!

There are many symptoms and conditions that may come with pregnancy that acupuncture can treat:

Trimester One

The threat of miscarriage, hyperemesis gravidarum (nausea and vomiting), thrombosis and thromboembolism (blood clots is superficial or deep veins)10653849_741462575918996_3950854684388857108_n

Trimesters Two and Three

Back and pelvic pain (symphysis pubis pain), urinary tract infections, rib pain, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, vulvual varicosities, anxiety, depression, anaemia, hypertension (chronic or gestational), oedema (water retention), gestational diabetes, itching, Bell’s palsy, breech position, risk of preterm delivery, induction preparation, pre-birth acupuncture, still birth

Postnatal Care

Puerperal psychosis (the blues or depression), postnatal recovery, breast feeding support


Patients who commit to weekly pregnancy treatments pay $72 per treatment instead of the standard $108.


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