Our first meeting: Your Free Health Consultation

Our first meeting is a short 20 minute complimentary chat.

You talk about your health concerns and you get to decide if I am someone you can trust. The first time you meet anyone you are always trying to answer questions like:

Does he care? Do I feel comfortable speaking with him? Does he listen? Does he hear me? Does he know what he is talking about? Can I trust him?

I am trying to figure out if I can help you. If I can, I will tell you how and what to expect. If I can’t then I’ll tell you who I know and trust to help you.

If we agree to go forward with treatment, our next meeting is 1.5 hours. More than enough time to discuss ALL of your concerns and for me to work out a treatment strategy for your concerns. If time permits a short treatment will follow in those two hours but our focus is not on a treatment for that day but on exploring your health concerns in detail and letting me make the best diagnosis and plan. You are a human being and not a car. I am a holistic healer and not an auto mechanic.

Our next meeting is all treatment, and it lasts one hour. The following meeting is an hour. We briefly discuss any changes and then most of the time is devoted to treatment. Common conditions require three to six treatments.