Weight Management

I’ll be up front about this. Yes. I have helped people lose weight.

I don’t like the phrase “Weight Loss” because it is part of the yo-yo diet phenomenon. People shrink and expand, lose and gain weight, and grow frustration and disappointment. I do not like the diet phenomenon in general.


People sometimes come to me when they are unprepared for change. I turn them away. I do the same with smokers who “think” they are ready to quit. Come back and see me when you want to quit more than you want to smoke. It is that simple. I do not like to waste people’s money. I like results.

I take a holistic approach to helping you achieve a realistic body. I don’t do this alone. I know a great personal trainer, and other specialists if required. We look at you. YOU. Your life, habits, network of family and friends, what you eat, and pretty much everything about you. The whole picture. It is a major tune up.

Your weight is a symptom. To change it, we need to understand who you are and what makes you YOU. Count on regular acupuncture treatments, some supplements, taking an herbal formula like a tea or pill, sleeping better, getting regular exercise, eating better and more wholesome food. You will feel better and like yourself more.

This is really about you caring for yourself and you committing to living differently.

You can do it. Do you want to do it?

z ciccada

Transformation of a cicada.