Lectures & Workshops



I teach meditation, tai chi, qi gong, feng shui, and a variety of Traditinal Chinese Medicine subjects .

I am available for private lessons and I love doing workshops in peoples’ homes and businesses.

I tailor the workshops to the needs of the group.

So, for a personal life example, if 4 couples want to get together and learn how to enhance family harmony and / or their personal romantic relationships through feng shui, I’d be delighted to spend several hours giving them the right tools (materials and ideas) and answering questions.

For businesses, if your team at work is in need of a morale boost or a greater competitive edge, lets all sit down and learn how to best orient and decorate our offices, and well as how to get the edge at every business meeting.

Yes, we can do that!

This is the kind of HR investment that stays with peopleĀ for the rest of their lives.