Cosmetic Services


 Health and Beauty go hand in hand.


I believe…flowerface

We are all beautiful individuals seeking to express ourselves.

Beauty shines forth from those who love themselves.

Taking care of your appearance is one way to shine…

…a way to blossom.

In addition to my training and acupuncture certification with the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Institute of Traditional Medicineg, I have received private training in Cosmetic Acupuncture with Fong Wang. She has a beautiful clinic in Toronto. Please see for details. She is a gifted caring acupuncturist and it shows in the recognition she has received. She is a wonderful teacher. I am grateful for her teachings.

I have also studies cosmetic practices with Ping Zhang, PhD, Ac, NH, and a pioneer and renowned expert in the field of anti-aging, and I have completed her courses in TCM Facial Rejuvenation and Body Sculpture.

These conditions can be treated with acupuncture:

Wrinklesforehead acu

Neurodermatitis and Eczema




Alopecia and Hair Loss





Thin wrinkley skin

Hanging puffy skin254309_118283818256985_100002261025045_172956_4808242_n

Swollen face

Swollen eyelids

Dark rings under eyes

Dull skin

Dull lifeless hair

Dry hair with dandruff

Deep wrinkles


Small breasts

Large and heavy breasts


Cosmetic acupuncture treatments take one and a half hours to complete. Treatments include Nefeli facial products such as Pearl Powder for the facial portion of the treatment, and Chinese Tui Na facial massage as well as acupuncture. I use only the finest Japanese SEIRIN needes for cosmetic treatments. Should an ongoing chronic condition prevent us from reaching your cosmetic goals, we will make use of traditional Chinese herbal remedies to correct the underlying condition.

Best results come with treatments two times a week. In my experience this is challenging for people with busy schedules and good results can be had with one treatment per week.

You will look and feel  A M A Z I N G !


In addition to Cosmetic Acupuncture, I offer treatments specifically for stress relief. Just ask me. I’d be happy to create a stress reduction and personal maintenance package designed for you.

Each of us deserves genuine care.

You deserve genuine care.