Home Consultations


Relax. There is nothing to fear. You may recall a week ago your spouse asked you all those odd questions from a questionnaire? Like “How well do you know your neighbours?”, “What do you know about the previous owners of your home?”, “Is there anyplace in your home where you do not feel comfortable or at ease?” A good Feng Shui consultant will want to know as much factual information about you, your family members, and your home before dropping by to consult with you and evaluate your home.

Hence the lengthy questionnaire.

Now that they are here, their primary job is to help you get the maximum benefit from the energies of the world you live in (home, work, and play). Contrary to pop culture, feng shui is not about rearranging furniture and redecorating. It is all about you, the people you share your life with, and the places where you spend most of your time. So the consultant will want to talk to each family member about their goals and dreams, concerns, and expectations. If someone does not wish to participate, the process stops. It is simply wrong to exclude someone, and not take them into account in the calculations and final recommendations. The fact that they do not want to participate is important, and rests with the family to address.

Assuming that everyone wants to play, the fun now begins. When you give a Feng Shui practitioner your birth information, they then know a great deal about you. They know where your life’s challenges lie and what you find easy. They know which energies nurture and support you, and which ones drain and weaken you. They know this because your time of arrival dictates many things about your path in this life. How well you address your challenges is up to you, but the challenges themselves are predictable. The fact that you have sought the help of a Feng Shui practitioner indicates that you genuinely want to improve, and you understand that there are people who make it their business to work with the energies of the universe to help you address your specific challenges. In this business, there is no room for ego. I leave mine outside the door when I come to your home. If you let your position go to your head (i.e. you think you are better than others because of what you can do), the universe smacks you pretty hard pretty fast.

Ok, so the consultant now has a good sense of who all of you are and what each of you wants. It is calculation time. First a scale drawing of your home is created (it would be ideal if you already have a blue print, but who does?) And yes, this means that the consultant will see every room of your house in detail. And no, it doesn’t matter if a room is messy, in fact it is most helpful if you do not tidy or clean the house prior to their visit. Your house, as it is RIGHT NOW, says a lot about who you are. Your consultant wants to help the real you and not some pretend you.

Finally, after getting acquainted with your home, it is recommendation time. The consultant will do their best to support the wants and needs of everyone who lives in the house. The more people who live in the house, the more difficult it is to meet all of their needs (sounds like normal family life). The recommendations will include the overall best colours, shapes, and materials for each room of the house, with particular attention and detail given to each person’s bedroom. Furniture may be rearranged. If a particular room is unsuitable for someone, alternatives will be found. And everyone will receive a list of those things that benefit them, including the best and worst colours and shapes for their wardrobe, jewelry, vehicles, tools, toys, etc. there is no aspect of life that Feng Shui does not touch or take into consideration. For example, if you are looking for a suitable mate, a good consultant can give you many suggestions as to how you can respectfully tell the universe what you want. If you know how to ask, the universe does listen and respond. Many of the things you are already doing will indicate how you are working for or against yourself. For example, if your bedroom has a wall full of photographs of friends and family, or a wall full of stuffed toys, at a subconscious level you have an audience. Your bedroom is first and foremost an inviting private place for you and your mate, where you should feel completely comfortable and secure. Do you really want your grandparents staring at you? There are more appropriate places for an ancestral gallery. Enough said.


The article above first appeared in the The Empty Vessel magazine, see www.abodetao.com , as well as in the local Hamilton publication for free and progressive thinkers, Mayday Magazine, published by the SkyDragon Foundation, see either http://www.maydaymagazine.org/index.html or www.skydragon.org/html/about.html