And we’re back!

Feels like I’ve been underwater for such a long time and am just breaking the surface and taking a big breath. Classes, clinic, and gong meditations are returning to InPower Yoga as of Saturday September 25th at 2PM, just like it was 16 months ago. Only 16 months. Phew!

Here is the immediate schedule with booking links:

Sept 25 Qigong:
Oct 2 Gong Meditation:
October 9 Qigong:
October 16 Acupuncture:
October 23 Qigong:
October 30 Acupuncture:
November 6 Gong Meditation:

The easiest way to stay on top of the events you want to attend is through the InPower Yoga web site.

I look forward to reconnecting and meeting new people.

I am full of gratitude for this, and so much more.