Policies and Procedures During the COVID-19 Pandemic


All patients, visitors, and staff must answer NO to ALL of the following questions to be allowed into the clinic:

  1. Do you have a fever, cough, or any flu/cold-like symptoms, or generally feeling unwell?
  2. Have you travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?
  3. Is there any chance you’ve been in contact with someone with COVID-19 orany flu/cold-like symptoms?
  4. Has anyone in your household or who you’ve had close contact with travelledanywhere outside of Canada in the last 14 days?

If YES is answered to any of the above questions, that individual cannot come to the clinic for a minimum of 14 days.


  1. Patients are to wait outside the clinic and will be allowed access only during their scheduled appointment times. Patients are to arrive on time to their appointments. Christopher will come out and let you know it is time to come into the clinic for your appointment.
  2. Patients are asked to wear their own masks. If they do not have access to a mask, one will be provided.
  3. Patients only will be allowed access to the clinic. If someone has accompanied them they will need to wait outside of the clinic. No one will be allowed to wait in the reception area.
  4. Patients should limit the number of items brought into the clinic to bare minimums.
  5. Patients will be screened over the phone and will be required to review and sign a specialized consent form that verifies the answer to all COVID-19 screening questions is NO.
  6. Patients must take their temperature prior to each appointment. This temperature must be within accepted range in order to be treated that day. If a patient’s temperature is above 100.4 F, they will contact the clinic to confirm their temperature and cancel their appointment. They will not be able to return for 14 days.
  7. Patients will be required to use hand sanitizer on all areas of hands and wrist before being moved to the treatment room.
  8. Patients should avoid touching their faces during their appointments and time in the clinic.
  9. If patients need to cough or sneeze at any point, they are to advise the practitioner as soon as possible and direct it into a tissue or their sleeve at the elbow. They will then be required to sanitize again.
  10. Unless it is an absolute emergency, we ask patients not to use our washroom facilities.


Balanced Way is committed to assuring the highest standards of safety at all times, but even more so during COVID-19.

  1. Our goal for every staff member and practitioner is to feel in control of their own health and feel safe at work.
  2. Appointments for existing patients will be booked, but must follow a telephone screen and the COVID-19 screening questions procedure, as stated above.
  3. New patients need to call the clinic and be screened appropriately.
  4. Time allocated to assure proper sanitization procedures between patients (see below).
  5. Patients will be directed to wait in their vehicles until they are invited into the clinic. No patient is to wait in the waiting room.
  6. Patients have been instructed to come alone to appointments. If someone has accompanied them, that individual is NOT allowed in the clinic and must wait for them outside the clinic.
  7. Every person entering the clinic must sanitize their hands upon entry.
  8. Practitioners will not shake hands with patients.
  9. Practitioners will have available to them gloves and surgical masks to be used at their discretion.