TCM Thursdays @ Cruise Chiropractic & Associates in Grimsby

Four weeks ago I started seeing patients at a great chiropractic clinic in Grimsby called Cruise Chiropractic & Associates (9 Livingston Avenue). I am thrilled in so many ways by this clinic. They have a team of health practitioners including RMTs, Therapists, ND, PT, OT, Osteopath, and 2 great Chiropractors. They just needed a TCM Dr. which I will be, most likely next year (my college, the CTCMPAO, is in the process of letting doctors call themselves doctors once approved). We share strategies between practitioners for improved patient outcomes. The location is beautiful. And I am impressed by my colleagues there. Please drop by. You are in good hands with our team. For an appointment call (905) 945-4481 and tell them I sent you.

cruise c and a front

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