Rest in Peace



Every week I tell at lest one of my patients to go and have a chat with a dead relative. I know, that does sound odd. I also know, it helps people say and do the things they need to do in order to forgive others and themselves (AKA heal.) Families are often the source of (some of) our own messed-up-ness. Many postpone dealing with this baggage thinking it can wait for just the right time. There is no right time except for now. This also works with living people you’ve been avoiding, and not talking with for too long. If you want a head start on this process, start by getting out everyone’s photos and displaying them up in your home in a place that is visible to all visitors. Announce your network to the world (this is traditionally thought of as a Family Altar in feng shui.) Let it heal. Each of us is literally connected to our families. Ignore the connection at your own peril. This weekend I’m going to both of my family plots to do maintenance and to catch up on things, and say things I need to say.