Natural Therapy


If people really took this to heart it could put me right out of business.

Let me explain…

I have a patient who came to me with a terminal western diagnosis. Four months later and weekly treatments, she is in remission according to her specialist. She did great work and I got to help.

Now to reduce her costs, I’m going to let nature start healing her for 50% of our regularly scheduled treatments. Instead of having her ¬†come to clinic weekly, every other week I’m going to send her to the beach or a trail in the woods.

Her instructions? Leave your cell phone in the car. Walk for a while. Stop. Step off the trail. Explore and discover like a child. Get reacquainted with the natural world. Marvel at little things. Listen. Smell. Taste! And feel. Feel it all.

Research is growing that affirms this is what so many of us need. T-cell counts increase when you spend regular time in the woods.

I am excited for her. Aren’t you?

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